stilton cheese

  1. Morning Glory

    Recipe Stilton, strawberry and chicory salad with port wine dressing

    The port wine dressing is robust and savoury and adds a rich base note to the tangy sweet strawberries, salty Stilton and bitter chicory flavours. Pickled walnut is optional (its a classic British thing) but don’t miss out the walnut oil in the dressing. If you really dislike blue cheese then...
  2. epicuric

    Recipe Steak and Stilton Filo Parcels

    Steak and Stilton Filo Parcels Ingredients (to serve 2) 2 thick pieces of fillet steak (mid to end of fillet) 6 sheets of ready made filo pastry 50g Stilton cheese (or other hard, blue cheese) 4 thin slices of Parma ham A dozen or so dried porcini mushrooms Yolk of one egg for egg wash. Oil...
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