Computer data storage, often called storage or memory, is a technology consisting of computer components and recording media that are used to retain digital data. It is a core function and fundamental component of computers.The central processing unit (CPU) of a computer is what manipulates data by performing computations. In practice, almost all computers use a storage hierarchy, which puts fast but expensive and small storage options close to the CPU and slower but larger and cheaper options farther away. Generally the fast volatile technologies (which lose data when off power) are referred to as "memory", while slower persistent technologies are referred to as "storage".
Even the very first computer designs, Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine and Percy Ludgate's Analytical Machine, clearly distinguished between processing and memory (Babbage stored numbers as rotations of gears, while Ludgate stored numbers as displacements of rods in shuttles). This distinction was extended in the Von Neumann architecture, where the CPU consists of two main parts: The control unit and the arithmetic logic unit (ALU). The former controls the flow of data between the CPU and memory, while the latter performs arithmetic and logical operations on data.

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  1. flyinglentris

    Storage Containers

    They come in all shapes and may be used for dry goods and liquids, stored dry or refrigerated. Here's my latest ...
  2. Sealed Storage Containers

    Sealed Storage Containers

    Sealed Storage Containers
  3. Microwaveable Storage Containers

    Microwaveable Storage Containers

    Microwaveable Storage Containers
  4. Fruit and Vegetable Storage Stand

    Fruit and Vegetable Storage Stand

    Fruit and Vegetable Storage Stand
  5. ElizabethB

    Storing Cilantro (Coriander) and Parsley

    IDK about you but I have a problem with keeping Cilantro (Coriander) and Parsley fresh in the fridge. I rarely need a full bunch. I stumbled upon this trick. Trim the stems. Put the bunch in a jar with water. Cover with a zip bag and secure with a rubber band or twist tie. Store in the...
  6. Milkduds

    Who wants a Prepdeck?

    I do, I do! Discover
  7. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    New home, new spice cupboard

    So I've moved house and I've had to rehome all of my herbs and spices. Well mostly spices. My herbs are mainly frozen and I lost everything in the freezer (don't go there, I'm still ready to murder the culprit). I've had to try to fit all of my spices into a new setup and it's been very...
  8. GadgetGuy

    Storage Containers.

    Who uses storage containers to store dry foods in? I found these plastic jars at a Dollar Tree store, where every item there is $1.00. At a dollar a piece, I got five of them! Along with the orange strainer for another dollar. Actually, a friend of mine bought several taller ones to store...
  9. Pat

    Storage Times for the Refrigerator and Freezer

    Now that it is getting warmer and we often leave food sitting around out of the refrigerator which can be cause food to spoil faster a chart to remind us how long food keeps is a good idea. I found this one to keep handy to remind me how long I can store food in the refrigerator. Hope you like...
  10. Rosyrain

    How long do they store well

    We have some herbs and spices that have been sitting in the cupboard for a couple of years now and I am wondering how long they last. Do dry herbs and spices ever go bad if they are stored properly?
  11. Bakemehappy

    What are those ingredients that you should not be storing in the fridge?

    I read that butter should not be stored in the fridge is that good or bad? Some says you can not cut then store your onions as they will become toxic. I am just hearing or reading these details and I am not sure if these are indeed are right. Do you have some tips or lists of the things that...
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