1. Timenspace

    Recipe Tapioca biscuits

    The educational basis was a Malaysianchinesekitchen website recipe for sweet tapioca cookies named Kuih Bangkit. However, I decided to alter those into salty cookies, that feel like biscuits, in my perception. Hopefully, noone is offended by this alternation. It is a new dish. Ingredients: 325...
  2. guyafe

    How to Make a Tapioca Dessert Creamier?

    Hi All, I have recently cooked a Tapioca desert. I cooked tapioca pearls along with soy milk and vanilla extract: 1 litre soy milk 60 gr. Tapioca pearls 100 gr. sugar. Then I cooled in the refrigerator. The dessert was tasty, but my wife has asked me to make it "creamier". Any idea how to...
  3. RevoPT

    Recipe Canjica

    This is a recipe from Angola, it's a bit similar to rice pudding. Ingredients: 70g of granulated Tapioca 6dl of milk 1 lemon peel 2 egg yolk 125g of sugar Directions: Soak the granulated tapioca for 30min or if its only normal tapioca for 3 hours. Drain the tapioca in a sieve. Heat a pot...
  4. Morning Glory

    Recipe Tapioca with Rhubarb and Kewra Water

    Tapioca seems to have fallen out of fashion aside from Bubble Teas which haven't really taken off in the UK (yet). I think its time for a revival! You can buy it ready cooked in tins in the UK or cook it from scratch. The rhubarb provides a lovely sharp contrast to the creamy pearlescent pudding...
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