whole pig

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  2. rascal

    Pig on a spit

    i cooked this about 18 months ago for a birthday here at home. I borrowed the pit and cooked it over the spit for about 5 hrs on slow. It's propane powered and rubbed with butter and pineapple juice. It was the best ever pork I've ever eaten. Try to find some pics . Russ
  3. F

    Recipe Traditional Spanish Roast Whole Suckling Piglet / Cochinillo

    Photo By: Francesca M. Guillamet .. A suckling piglet or Cochinillo / Lechón / Tostón is a tiny piglet fed on its´ mother´s milk and traditionally, this roast dates back to the Roman Empire´s feasts, and has been prepared for centuries in Castilla León in wooden stoves called Hornos de...
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