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    Recipe Chicken Vegetable Curry With Yacon

    This Indian style curry includes Yacon. These Andean tubers cook to a tender/crisp translucence and absorb the curry flavors. For a vegetarian dish simply omit the chicken. Serve with rice and a side dish of yogurt and chopped cucumber seasoned with cumin, salt and pepper. Ingredients: 3...
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    Recipe Yacon, Two Salad Ideas.

    Yacon and green bean salad Ingredients Juice of ½ lemon 1 medium-large yacon 300g green beans, topped (and tailed if you like, but the tails look rather nice) 15g sesame seeds 250g cooked chicken breast, torn into long shreds Small handful of Vietnamese or regular coriander (Vietnamese coriander...
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    My husband each year picks an unusual veg to grow, and this year it's the Yacon... Well he dug it up today and now I haven't got the foggiest how to prepare or cook it!:o_o: Any suggestions of how to prepare, store and cook it?
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