A message from the CookingBites team

We recognise that these are stressful times for all of us and that all our members will be affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. CookingBites has always aimed to build a supportive, friendly and tolerant community and we hope that at this difficult time we can continue to build on this.

We have a few threads devoted to the Coronavirus pandemic and how it is affecting us. Everyone is more than welcome to contribute to those threads. But let us not forget why we all came to CookingBites in the first place. We are united by our our love of cooking and our interest in good food (and drink!). Cooking is a great diversion and therapy as well as being immensely enjoyable. Some of us may now find we have more time to cook than ever before. We actively encourage you to continue to post about what you are cooking or planning to cook, to join in our challenges, post recipes and to start new threads about food related topics. Chatting about food and cooking is a great therapy too, and can help us all through this difficult time. Last but not least, for those in isolation, our forum is one way of keeping in contact with the world and with others.

A word about new threads; new discussion threads are vitally important to keep the forum alive. If every one of us posted a new food or drink related thread once a week we would be busy and buzzing and attract more members. Threads which generate the most discussion tend to be those which ask for advice, ask a question, or ask an opinion. But any food or drink related threads are most welcome. So if something food related crosses your mind, however trivial it may seem, don't hesitate to post it as a new thread.

Finally, we sincerely hope that all our members stay safe and well and that CookingBites can play some small part in helping us all through these unprecedented times. Our message: Stay safe, keep calm, keep cooking and keep on posting!
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