A week of meals for £25

16 Oct 2012
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11:23 AM
Usually, I love the blogs on BBC Good Food, but I'm not so sure about this one. The recipes look okay, but looking at the shopping list, there doesn't seem enough fresh fruit and veg and protein in there. And of course, it's just one meal a day, which means it's costing £1.25 per head per meal. I think I could do better than that on that budget. What do you think?
Presumably the fruit is 'extra' snack food, not part of the main meal dish....

I reckon my usual pasta sauce and spaghetti comes in at about a quid a portion, depends if it has meat in it. It usually contains, onion, pepper, courgette, tinned tomato and black olives, so there's a fair bit of veg. It helps that I'm happy to make a batch and eat it all week, but it can be curried or chillied if I wish.
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