Actors who've become chefs

16 Oct 2012
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2:40 AM
I've had an interesting trawl on the Internet today. I always take a look on The Book People website at least once a month, and I've found some great bargains, which I've shared here and on other sites in Shaun's empire - I mean network. :roflmao:

I also found out that Sean Wilson - who played frisky male nurse Martin Platt in Coronation Street - is now an award winning chef and cheese maker. It happened a while ago, but I always seem to be the last one in the know.

Anybody know of any other actors who have become chefs - either as an alternative or an additional career choice?
Apparently Gwyneth Paltrow is doing cooking segments too now and publishing cookbooks.

I watched a couple of her cooking segments on Youtube a while back, and wasn't really impressed. She was just doing really basic recipes that have been done a million times. The one I saw she was just making a basic roasted chicken with vegetables. I didn't really understand what she was bringing to the table, other than an excuse to talk about herself the whole time while she was prepping it.
If Padma Lakshmi can be considered as an actor for a single role she did in one Bollywood movie, then she could be considered as an actor who has become, not a chef, but a food related show host.

Well, that is the closest I could get. :)
Paul Mercurio - lead in the ozzie film Strictly Ballroom - had a book out on cooking with beer called, er, "Cooking with Beer".
I think that there are many people that love the art of cooking whether celebs or not. I myself love cooking. I can't think of any celebs that are now chefs. A lot of chefs are becoming famous however. Who would ever think that cooking would be so rewarding!
We also have an actor who has turned chef. His name is Marvin Agustin who used to be a matinee idol opposite another popular actress named Jolina. His forte is drama and now he still makes movies although unlike before when he was that popular. His being chef is not just for cooking because he has several restaurants where you can sample his cooking (or recipe at least). He himself manages his restaurants and reputedly all his menu are from his original recipes.
Valerie Bertinelli and Patricia Heaton (pardon me if I misspelled their names) are both actresses that have become "chefs" so to speak. They're not actual chefs, but people who like to cook for their friends and family. I love to cook and bake and I keep wondering why the heck I never went to culinary school. I wholeheartedly agree with @OhioTom76 about Gwyneth Paltrow, caught her on YouTube and was wondering why I was watching. It's the fact that she's a celebrity who just happens to cook for herself instead of having a private chef. Good for her but she's not bringing anything new or exciting.
I think Trisha Yearwood is my favorite right now. She has a cooking show on Food Network and make southern style food. She is a person I could probably spend the day visiting because she seems like a down to earth person.
We had a goats cheese from the blur front man Alex James last week,called farleigh wallop ,very nice !
Brendan O'Carroll. Small restauraunt near a relative. Brendan Grace had a restauraunt in Killaloe
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