Advice for an electric mincer.

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  1. elsmandino

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    Essex, UK
  2. Both of those look good. I haven't bought pre-ground meat since buying this:

    The base price of mine is a bit cheaper, but I don't know how much the shipping would be for you (it's free shipping only in the US).

  3. morning glory

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  4. CraigC

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    SE Florida
    Single phase power in the UK is 220v. 50Hz. Unlike US power where we have 110v. 60Hz, they have one leg of 220v and a neutral. Not sure if they sell any stuff wired for UK power on US based sites/stores.
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  5. Shermie

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    Cuisinart Food Processor at home..jpg Do you have a food processor? It can also do the job just as good. Chopping, mincing, grinding, pulverizing. and more!! :wink:
  6. medtran49

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    Unfortunately, no it can't. There is a WORLD of difference between meat ground in a food processor and that ground in a dedicated grinder. Even the Kitchen Aid attachment grinder does a hugely better job than the food processor. Just for the record, we have all 3 machines/attachment and have ground various meats in all 3 over the years.
  7. Shermie

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    Brighton, MA.
    When processing things in the food processor things have to be adjusted so that you can accomplish success. I know how to do it. It has worked for me. Try it. Didn't spend $200 on this machine for nothing! :wink:
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  8. Shermie

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    Brighton, MA.

    While I was in a BB&B store yesterday, I saw this little gadget & got it.

    Instead of dragging out the heavy food processor just for those pesky small chopping jobs & having to clean it, I'll just use THIS to quicken those jobs & get out of the kitchen in almost record time!! :wink:
  9. Shermie

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    Brighton, MA.

    Here it is! The other pic was X'd out!!
  10. This is the sort of thing that, on one had, makes me think: "Why do I need that? I have knives." Then, I'm chopping onions, and even my sharpest knife has me in tears, and I start to think: "This might not be such a bad idea!"
  11. MrsDangermouse

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    European power is nominally 230v - it used to be 240v in the UK and 220v in the rest of Europe but is now supposedly harmonised at 230v +/- 10% (though there hasn't been any actual change in the supplies). So generally you cannot use US appliances in Europe - the voltage is too high and the appliance will get fried and (in the UK at least) trip the electrics. The only exception is electronics which come with a transformer - they tend to be dual voltage (but its always worth checking before trying it). You can buy step-up voltage converters to allow US appliances to be used, but its not very efficient and its rarely cost-effective.

    Back to the mincers.....

    I have used this manual mincer from Lakeland a few times - its very simple, works well, and is easy to store away. It could be a good one to try out to see if you keep up with the mincing before investing in a more expensive electric one?

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