Annie Bell's 'Vegetable Book'


15 Oct 2012
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4:22 AM
storrington; via montreal, horsham, toronto
I came across this book in a friend's collection trying to find an interesting recipe for Butternut Squash instead of the usual bung it in soup. It's superb. It reminded me a little of Simon Hopkinson's 'Roast Chicken and Other Stories'.

Each vegetable gets its own chapter with an interesting introduction, followed by a few recipes and then, in brief format, other ideas of what to do. Just what I needed!

First published 1997, has anyone come across it before or have other recommendations for a veggie only cookbook?
Don't know that one, but am currently working my way through Huge Furry-wotsit's "Veg" book. It's not bad - the European recipes are good, but the middle eastern- and Indian-inspired recipes are a bit dull to be honest. Strange given that the middle east and India are great places to go veggie.

The veggie book I like best is Arto der Haroutunian's "Vegetarian Dishes from the Middle East". It doesn't have any pictures, so if you do like to have a picture to know what you're aiming at, it's not a good choice.
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