Any way to do chicken shawarma at home?


10 Sep 2013
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7:55 AM
I've become almost addicted to chicken shawarma lately!

The problem is the only places near me to get it are very expensive, so I'm trying to make something decent at home. Does anybody know of a way that doesn't involve special equipment? Also, any recipes for the chicken you have to share would be great, because it seems every shawarma place has its own way of seasoning the chicken, and I plan to experiment with it a lot.

I had to look that up, and it seems it's similar to Doner kebab here in the UK, which is conversely usually a cheap takeaway dish associated with drunken nights out, and much derided because of it. No doubt the takeaway versions are at the low end of the quality range!

As for doing it at home, I guess it's hard without a rotisserie in your oven. Maybe you could make one up one a skewer, and roast it slowly in the oven, turning it frequently?
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