Anyone found that after spending hours doing something, you've done it wrong?


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18 Mar 2018
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Christchurch New Zealand
What if you have spent almost 60 years doing life, and realize you did it wrong? :facepalm:


I can honestly say I'm happy with my 63 years on this earth. A wife that trusts me implicitly and great family and grandkids. Great friends and good health. Fingers crossed!!
I'm blessed actually.



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15 Jul 2019
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Ohio, US
I once bought a pull-behind trailer from Harbor Freight. It came completely disassembled, and was hundreds of pieces.

I laid them all out carefully in the driveway, started on the assembly, and discovered pretty quickly that the directions were just generic in nature, and poorly written at that.

I phoned up Harbor Freight and explained what was going on, and the guy said, "Hold on...I'll email you a picture that'll show you what to do."

He emailed me a picture of a back parking lot full of trailers and trucks and golf carts and all kinds of crap, and way in the back, barely even distinguishable, he'd drawn a little circle around a trailer and said, "It should look like that when you're all done."


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29 Nov 2020
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Sri Lanka
When you have to make a plug or socket from scratch because it's a non standard wiring format or something.
You do the most perfect job you could imagine, the soldering could have been done by some precision machine it is so good.

And then you realise you've left the strain relief boot off... (The black bit on the below pic.)

So, of course you have to unsolder it, fit the strain relief and then resolder it. By the time you've finished it looks like a 6 year old has tried their hand at soldering.

I would just chuck it away and start again but those Lemo plugs can be £30 or so.
This too has happened to me. Many times. I would fix a bulb holder to find that the top cup is not there.
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