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11 Oct 2012
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Picked this up from a link on Cyclechat in the found a bargin thread,

Examples such as this Lucozade Sport Body Fuel Powder which usually retails at £18.99 for a 1170g container - 30 servings which is £2.99 on this site with a BB Date of 31 May 2012. We bought some and it's absolutely fine and at £2.99 I can actually afford it!

Also Alpro Soya milk (orginal) 2 * 1L for £1 BB date of 13th Feb 2013.

Loads more normal foods in there as well such as Nestle breakfast cereals at much reduced prices - assuming you don't mind expired BB dates and some are in there with short shelf lives. Ragu is at £1 a jar for the orginal.

Shipping is not always the quickest, takes about 5 days or so from ordering but worth it for the discounts and if you spend more than £30 on your first order its free delivery as well.

thought there might be a few others saving the pennies here as well as me...:)
Nice one - especially if it's the sort of stuff that normally lives well beyond it's BB date. :thumbsup:
That's brilliant. I'm in Spain at the moment, but when I come back to the UK, I'll be getting a big boxful to bring back with me. I've just spent an hour browsing that site, when I should have been working. Bad Satnav! :roflmao:
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