Are you cutting back on fizzy drinks these days?

16 Oct 2012
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7:52 AM
Many nutrition experts are saying that fizzy drinks - even diet ones - are unhealthy. I tend to drink sparkling water, as it quenches my thirst much better than other fizzy drinks. I'll add a slice of lime or lemon to liven it up, but basically, I hardly ever drink Pepsi or Fanta these days. What about you?
I've never drunk many fizzy drinks anyway - perhaps in my 'yoof' when I went to the cinema and suchlike, or if I'm out at a pub and not drinking, but not often at home. I prefer still water to fizzy. I guess I'm more likely to drink tonic, on the rare occasion I have a G and T.

I remember the first time I had Coke, I was about 8, at the school Christmas party. We were given a bottle each, with a straw. I drank half of mine and had had enough, and I remember a teacher kept asking me if I wanted a new straw or something, because I wasn't finishing it. I'd just had enough fizz and sugar!
I've gone the other way since the local supermarket started a special offer of 8 cans for £2 - pop them in the fridge so you've got a "cold one" handy at any time and before you realise it you're having several a day (sounds like a smoking habit ... :laugh: ).

What is, nutritionally, bad about them?
Whilst on tour we found we had cravings for fanta from time to time and we now keep lemonade in to mix with fresh orange juice - the orange juice last longer that way and costs less, but otherwise never touched them and won't go near anything that says 'diet'. rather have less of the nice stuff (applies to anything). Growing up, if I was thirtsy I would always just have a pint of milk when everyone else went for pop. Now being allergic to milk, I simply have water - usually tap water.
Orange juice and lemonade (a St Clements) is a nice drink for a summer's day.

Thinking about it, there is one 'fizzy drink' I have a lot in summer - shandy. Especially when out cycling and stopping at a pub. In fact, it was invented for exactly that - cyclists. A German bar owner was getting lots of these people on their new fangled machines on summer days, wanting a refreshing but light drink. The German for shandy is Radler - 'cyclist'.
I was drinking quite a lot of diet coke with work lunches, I wasn't too bothered as most bottles don;t even have one calorie in them But the damage they do to your teeth is still bad. My dentist they could actually see the affects, I couldn't but was enough to put me off. I now rarely drink coke.
I haven't had a 'fizzy' drink out of choice for over 25 years. It usually has to be a 'no other non alcoholic options' before I will have it but most times there is always water.
I'm beginning to think I'm doing something quite naughty or unnatural having a can (or more) a day ...
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