Barbecue season - what do you like to cook (and eat)?

Gene Gibly

25 Apr 2013
Local time
12:32 PM
It's that time of year again when all the back garden barbecue's get dusted down, washed off, stuffed with charcoal, and set on MASSIVE fire by over-enthusiastic dads with tins of lighter fuel ... :roflmao:

But what do you like to cook for your guests on your barby and what are the BBQ foods you most like others to feed you?

Oh, and what about the weird and wonderful like foil-wrapped chocolate bananas? (Chop a few squares out of the banana skin, fold them back, stuff in a cube of your favourite choc, then fold back flaps, wrap in foil, and leave to melt/meld in the embers!!)
I love chicken in all its incarnations, whether I'm cooking it for others, or eating it as a guest. It's so versatile. My favourites are chicken tikka and tandoori chicken, and I also do a mean chicken breast marinated in lime and ginger.

I also like to cook a variety of premium sausages, although I'm wary of eating sausages elsewhere, as people have wildly different ideas about what constitutes a good sausage.

My son-in-law makes a fantastic beefburger - I'm always up for those. However, I've given up on frozen burgers, as it's virtually impossible to find a really good one.
I like to grill chicken, pork chops, and ribs. I like to have lots of food during BBQ season. I also do the hot dogs and hamburgers too. Along with this I like to have potato salad and baked beans. Yummy.
It can be a little clumsy to make, but I love a grilled pizza on an outdoor bbq. It's a nice change of pace from the greasy deep dish pizzas, and I love the crispy char that forms on the dough.

Also, if I am cooking shrimp on an outdoor grill, I always feel compelled to go for the big jumbo shrimp and splurge a bit.

I'm a big fan of a simple slow roasted pork ribeye roast, studded with garlic, brushed with olive oil, seasoned simply with sea salt and cracked black pepper, and some fresh parsley torn over the top.
Ooh I need to try that, that sounds really yummy. I know someone who does a pork roast over the grill, but they don't do it like that.
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