Blackberries - how ripe near you?


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11 Oct 2012
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This time last year I was inundated with Blackberries.

Currently the blackberry crop here in North Cheshire is green, hard and not a sign of being ripe. I suspect they are going to ripen whilst I am on holiday next month, but I was wondering what the progress was throughout the rest of the country. My OH says he has seen one or two ripe blackberries in Bristol, but that there is not much sign of the rest of the crop yet.

So what is the progress of the Blackberry crop this year near you? I am guessing that Sandra Piddock is probably going to be the first with ripe blackberries being in Cornwall/Devon/Somerset area
Here in York:

The berries on the reserve where I work are all still green and hard, although if they all ripen it'll be a huge crop. But there are some on my walk home (a bramble growing through the fence at a builder's merchants) which are ripe and edible - someties in the past I've found some that seem ripe, but are still sour. I intend to harvest some on my way home tomorrow, if I remember to take a container. I'm thinking I'll freeze them as I find ripe patches, and then make jam when I have enough.
Satnav, the berries are green and hard here as well. I don't think the hot summer has helped them - or maybe it was the cold, damp spring that held them back. In fact some brambles still have blossom on them. I was looking forward to picking some before we head back to Spain, but it's not going to happen now, as the ferry is booked for Monday!
And here they are:

I think instead of freezing them, I'll make a blackberry and apple crumble for NT and I when he comes over tomorrow. There are going to be lots more for jam, unless something very drastic happens!

There are a couple just starting to turn on the reserve, but mostly they are still hard and green. I'll be watching them carefully!
Jam/jelly and fruit leathers were what I had planned, but I think I am going to be very lucky to get anywhere near the quantity I did last year simply because I will be on tour, but I guess at some point on tour I will cycle into the 'ripe zone' and have a good supply of free fresh fruit...
picked some the last 2 weekend and had great apple & blackberry crumbles
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