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11 Oct 2012
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We have an add-on called Bookmark Pro which was to make the bookmarking system slightly easier for everyone.
Talking with the developer this afternoon, I have established that he has had to make some major changes to it and has released a completely new version. This new version does not have the ability to import bookmarks from the old system.

Currently, just to confuse you more, we are running with both the original bookmark system (which is the small icon based one that allows you to add tags to your bookmark and is found in the top right hand corner of every post) and the Bookmark Pro system which is the word bookmark found at the bottom of each post.

It is the one at the bottom of every post that has been discontinued. So the sooner we stop using it and get over to the other version (which works with the original icon based bookmark system) the better.

To see what bookmarks are affected you need to follow this link It will show you the ones you are going to lose and that you need to take a copy of.

This one is not going anywhere and is safe

Over the weekend, I will install the new version which will look and feel exactly the same as the one I'm removing except for one major difference. Both addition methods (icon and the word bookmark) will update the same list. That's the key thing here.
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