Breadmaker - Do you have a bread making machine and any bread recipes to share?

Gene Gibly

25 Apr 2013
Local time
9:41 AM

It all seems quite straight forward but I was surprised at how long it takes - is it longer than conventional oven baking or around the same?

Also do you have any successful bread making recipes you can share that worked well in your machine?
Got one. Use it constantly for ..........................pretty much plain old ordinary bread. Pizza dough on occasion of course.

Fancy breads.....I like the idea but never quite get round to them.
Our bread maker gave up the ghost, and we never replaced it, but we loved the pizza doughs that we made. A friend of ours has had a lot of success making jam in the breadmaker as well. It does appear to take a long time, but that's because the rising time is included in the cooking time. Once the ingredients are in, you just leave it to get going.

I found that if you substitute olive oil for the butter - taking out a little liquid to make up for it - the bread would keep fresh until the next day.
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