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    My 29 year old niece, Kathryn, is a beautiful woman born with Cerebral Palsy. She is profoundly involved physically and has lived her entire life in a wheelchair
    Thankfully she is very articulate
    She is also an amazing artist.
    In October we (her Mother, myself and our baby sister) hosted a showcase and sale of her art.
    We had some different opinions
    Middle Sister (K's Mother) wanted to do a big ass cocktail party with tons of food. Actually a buffet. I wanted a mid afternoon gathering with just a few canapes and wine. I wanted the focus to be on Kathryn and her art. Not on the food.
    Fortunately Kathryn is all about being the center of attention.
    The show/sale was from 2 to 4 on a Saturday afternoon. I prepared 4 canapes- 3 savory and 1 sweet. All canapes were served at room temperature by hand. No plates or utensils
    Small bites eaten off of a napkin by hand
    Krystal plastic glasses for wine
    2 reds Merlot and Malbac
    2 whites Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc
    Crostini topped with crawfish pate drizzled with crawfish fat butter
    endive stuffed with dill infused goat cheese topped with savory sweet roasted pecans
    prunes topped with feta and savory sweet roasted pecans
    Lemon bars cut into 1 1/2" squares
    I did have a meat platter.
    Every year a dear friend sends us a package of Perini pepper crusted, hickory smoked beef tenderloin. About 2 1/2 lbs
    in 2 lions.
    I had 1 loin in the freezer. Defrosted it and sliced it paper thin for a meat platter.
    Unfortunately friends company has really cracked down on expenses
    I may never see this wonderful product again
    Think $160 to $185 per package. 2 1/2 lbs. WAY outside of my price range
    Seriously gourmet food
    Long story short
    K's art show/sale was a great success. She sold every piece . There were 4 paintings that multiple buyers were arguing over. K's loving Aunt (me) decided to auction the four pieces
    One piece sold for $400. 2 for $300 and 1 for $225.
    The party was a great success
    Middle Sister grudgingly agreed that keeping the menu simple was a good idea.
    Just a thought. Canapes would be a fun challenge. 3 savory and one sweet canape. All small bites served cold or at room temperature. To be eaten by hand from a napkin. No plates or utensils.
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    SE Florida
    Crawfish pate? Craig found out out local supplier is now bringing in crawfish so I imagine we'll be getting a large sack soon and will need to find uses for what we don't eat initially.
  3. morning glory

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    Yeah - crawfish pate sounds interesting...

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