Cheap blender that can blend vegetables?


10 Sep 2013
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7:41 AM
I've been trying to make green veggie shakes lately, but I've found that my blender only tears my veggies up and cuts them very small, even with some liquid in there it never becomes a smooth drink.

I know there are very expensive ones like the vitamix and blend-tech out there that can do it easily, but I'm hoping theres a more budget-friendly option
The company that makes all of those "Shark" and "Ninja" products supposedly has a blender on the market now that is competing with the Vita Mix blenders, and is cheaper. The Ninja blender is still rather expensive though at like $200. I think the Vitamix ones are like $500, but I've heard they still have the more powerful motors in them.

I guess if you are going to drop some money on a blender I would go for one of these vs. an expensive Cuisinart or Kitchenaid blender, which are not as powerful and you are mostly paying for the appearance with those.
When we were needing to purchase one back in the Spring, vitamix was top of the list, but like you said it is very expensive. In the end, after much research we went with a JTC Omniblend V instead. Not cheap, but not as expensive as the Vitamix.
i use a centrifugal juicer for vegetables it removes all the juices and separates the fibre,use it on carrots,beetroot,celery,broccoli ,to name a few
a liquidiser is best used on wetter mixes ie soup where as a food processor handles well cooked purrees better
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