Cheap chillis!


11 Oct 2012
Local time
12:27 PM
Eccles, Salford
I just popped out for some groceries, and spotted a red chilli plant in the veg section, reduced from £3.50 to 89p!


The red pot is my own, I thought it would encourage the plant.:wink:

There are 6 ripe chillis on it now, and lots more green to come, if I can avoid killing it. I've put it in the sunniest spot I have in the flat.

According to this site I can freeze them by simply putting them in a box in the freezer as they ripen. When I've got plenty, I might have a go at chilli jam - there's a recipe in my new WI book. I don't use a lot of chilli in my cooking, but maybe that's because I don't tend to buy them....
You can also allow them to dry on the plant, then keep them in a small jar, to stop them going mouldy. And save some of the seeds to grow new plants for next year. You certainly have a bargain there, Arch!
I've got it in the window, must remember to water it tonight and hope it lasts the weekend while I'm away. No sign of any more ripening yet, but I live in hope!

I thought of drying some too, let's see if any more actually turn red!
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