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Recipe Cochinita Pibil

Excuse me for reviving this post, but I thought I´d share one of my first experiences in Mexico City.
I got off my flight at like 1pm, and my son, who picked me up, said " we´ve got to move - have to get to La Montejo before 2-30".
So we arrived at this lovely cantina around 2.15 - still almost empty - and picked a table. By 3pm, it was packed solid.
La Montejo is a Yucatan-cusine cantina, and their speciality is cochinito pibil. We were immediately served nacho chips, with a potent hot sauce; then came potato turnovers, which surprised me, but which were extraordinary. A chicken Mole like I´ve never eaten before, but the star was the pibil. The pork was pulled; literally tiny strings of long-cooked pork, and serve in tortillas. The "secret" to making it so delicious (and I asked the chef) is to pour a little bit of the cooking juices over the pork just before wrapping it in the tortilla. NOT hot - but the yucatan salsa which everyone piled on top ( diced habanero, lots of lime juice, and red onion), was.
A memorable meal - which continued until about 11pm.....
If you like the Pibil, You should try a Cuban Style pork butt.

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I'm very impressed by this pibil! The flavour of he achiote is unique and I can't understand why it hasn't caught on in the UK. I deviated a bit from your recipe @CraigC and I might post it up separately. I can see that it could also be good with hot chillies added to the marinade. A big thank you for inspiring me to eplore something new. Saw you post too late to add beans and avocado - but there is loads left over and I can see how both would work very well. I wished I'd had the avocado for the photos...

Here are before and after photos:

In the marinade:

View attachment 13842

After 4 hrs in low oven:

View attachment 13843

Dished up:

View attachment 13844

View attachment 13845
Very Nice Morning! Craigs recipe above is the original I followed actually, I recognize the ingredients and verbiage. This is a delicious one.
One of the important things about serving tacos filled with cochinito pibil is to ensure the pork has plenty of liquid. Typically, the cantinas and street vendors will pile some pork on your taco, then add a generous dose of the cooking liquid. If the pibil is too dry, it´s not the same.

I think that originated as a meal you cook in a hole in the ground. this variation looks GREAT, and attainable.

I think that originated as a meal you cook in a hole in the ground. this variation looks GREAT, and attainable.

I'd love to build a barbacoa pit in my backyard. A permanent one, lined with fire bricks.

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