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  1. Dive Bar Casanova

    Dive Bar Casanova Regular Member

    Hollywood Ca
    A friend asked me to get her a T shirt from the Black Spade Tattoo Shop while I was visiting Las Vegas.
    It’s situated in an air conditioned shipping container.
    I stepped in and they had them in Ladies 00 slender. $20.

    Located next to it is the Oak n Ivy cocktail bar also in a shipping container.
    A Bacardi and Coke sounded good in the 113f zero humidity heat and I stepped inside.


    The bartender’s are smartly dressed with inspired attitudes.
    Can you say classy and shipping container in the same breath? The Oak n Ivy may qualify those very words.

    I bought a round for the under 30 group at the bar and that instantly made me a member of the congregation. Drunks make friends easy goes the tale. I hope that’s Shakespeare but that may be stretching it.
    Yeah, you really can buy friends.

    Americans are finally waking up to Scotch and Whiskys and higher gravity beers. The Oak n Ivy owners held that thought when they created it.
    Excellent selections.

    A sharp looking couple walked in and sat next to me. He was a big shot with Johnny Walker visiting from Scotland.
    My dad used to drink Red Label. Down in Florida all the old timers "blue hairs" drink Blue Label. Just say “Blue Label rocks, neat, or water” to the bartender.

    “We now have platinum” he told me. “Black Label is the most expensive but our most popular is the Blue label, a few dollars less” he added. That perked up customers interest and the conversations flew.

    I asked the couple if traveling around Scotland do they even encounter locals that have such a strong brogue they can't understand them? I used to have to translate from English to English for my Scottish Grandfather.

    The Flaming Caramel Apple cocktail:

    The Oak n Ivy is a fun place to visit. Located on the East end of Fremont in a sketchy part of town but just act British and the trouble makers will leave you be.

    OK, after this it was off to buy another t shirt from the Precious Slut Tattoo shop,,,,

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  2. morning glory

    morning glory Obsessive cook Staff Member

    Sounds like a very interesting place - I'd love to visit Vegas but I wouldn't be able to survive the heat and humidity I'm afraid.
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  3. Dive Bar Casanova

    Dive Bar Casanova Regular Member

    Hollywood Ca
    Grandma Axehandle lives there. Swiss German with a thick accent and a crushing, meddling mother in law attitude. She takes advantage of the lower cost of living and no state income tax.
    We put her in a pay-one-time and get every service you can imagine retirement home that is completely indoors and very nice.
    It snowed there last week BTW.

    We'll be in near by Death Valley this week. We run the air conditioning full blast during the day, then the heat full blast at night.
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  4. Karen W

    Karen W Senior Member

    Vegas is very hot during the Summer, but everything is air conditioned. Drinks are free in the casinos while you gamble:cheers:, but I tip the cocktail waitress. They want you drunk and stupid. Lol

    Sounds like fun.
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