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19 Apr 2015
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Would you define Crostini as grilled or toasted Ciabatta? Or could it be a different type of bread? I wonder what @MypinchofItaly thinks...

I like to toast the bread then rub it with raw garlic and smear fresh tomato on it.
That really works extremely well and is certainly something I've done. The rough surface of the crostini acts as a sort of grater for the garlic and tomato.


17 Feb 2017
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Milano, Italy
This is a very interesting point!
Crostini or Bruschetta? What is the difference?

With the word Crostini usually small pieces of toasted or baked bread are indicated, (there are also Crostini made with polenta - delicious) and then seasoned with oil, garlic or other aromatic herbs (or even without seasonings) and added to vegetable soups or vegetable purée.

The Bruschetta follows the same principle (toasted bread in the pan or in the oven or on a grill), seasoned with oil, salt, oregano, etc., or with all those combinations such as tomato or chicken livers or vegetables, etc., but it is not added to soups and is an appetizer.

In some Italian regions, however, such as Tuscany or Umbria, the term 'Crostini' or even 'Crostoni' means bruschetta.
In Tuscany they make Crostini with chicken livers and Vin Santo (Holy wine) that sooner or later I want to try.
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