Diabetic desserts recipes that everyone can enjoy?

Discussion in 'Free From and Specialist Diets' started by Gene Gibly, 24 Jul 2013.

  1. Gene Gibly

    Gene Gibly Active Member

    Does anyone have a link or details of good diabetic desserts recipes - preferably desserts that can be enjoyed by everyone at the table (as opposed to making / serving separate desserts for diabetic guests)?
  2. MyDigitalpoint

    MyDigitalpoint Regular Member

    Virtual World
    Sorry, I didn't read your thread before because I'm not a diabetic nor have to cook for diabetic guests, but I was wondering what good suggestion could be found inside this forum when I came across with your question.

    According to the Insurance, Retirement, and Wellness programs for the University of Texas System, there is no reason to renounce to dessert pleasure, and here are some hints and recipes to keep enjoying desserts, http://www.utsystem.edu/benefits/newsletter/articles/2011/11mar_rec.htm

    There is also a collection of recipes for diabetics that include the following desserts:

    These recipes can be found here, http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~mjw/recipes/special/diabetic-coll.html
  3. ReadmeByAmy

    ReadmeByAmy Active Member

    Southeast Asia
    My father was a diabetic and his doctor said that a diabetic person can eat desserts with low sugar contents with the right amount that is proportion for their disease. Usually the doctor is giving the patient a list of menus and recipes that a diabetic person should eat so no need to worry about. But if you like to prepare one for a visitor who is a diabetic there are recipes that you can find in a Cooking book for a diabetic which you can find in a bookstore or in the internet for your guide and reference.
  4. chellebaeby

    chellebaeby New Member

    That is a great list. I will be trying some of them. It is easy just to make a fruit salad because those sugars do not spike my blood sugar like cake and cookies. Thanks for the list you provided.
  5. joycemcgregor

    joycemcgregor Regular Member

    I am diabetic and I love strawberry pie like the one you used to be able to buy at Shoneys restaraunts. I found a recipe that is similiar and non diabetics enjoy it, too.

    I pkg sugar free strawberry jello
    1 cup water
    2 tbsps corn starch
    Cook jello according to package directions
    Mix corn starch into the cup of water and mix into jello
    Cook until thickened
    1 large box of fresh strawberries, sliced
    1 graham cracker pie crust (my Kroger carries sugar free graham cracker crust in the diabetic section of their pharmacy)
    Stir strawberries into jello mixture and pour into pie shell. I ususally spoon the strawberries into the crust and then pour as much .
    of the jello mixture into the crust as will fit. There is usually a little to much to go into the crust.
    Chill in the refrigerator until firm.
    Top with sugar free Cool Whip.
  6. Karalyne

    Karalyne Member

    That strawberry pie sounds scrumptious, joycemcgregor! I worked at Shoney's years ago and I remember how delicious those pies were. I too am a diabetic so I really appreciate you posting this diabetic-friendly recipe. :)

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