Did you cook a turkey or lamb for Easter?

16 Oct 2012
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8:43 AM
When we were in the UK, turkey or spring lamb was mandatory for Easter, but we're spending Easter in Spain this year, so although I have a turkey in the freezer, we've decided not to use it. It's too warm for a roast with all the trimmings - 25 degrees - so we'll probably take it back to the UK with us at the end of the month and have it then.

What about you? Did you cook a turkey or a joint of lamb for Easter?
OOH-LA-LA Sandra - I was just discussing lamb and turkey last evening. My family has always been big on lamb (full roasted spring lamb or leg of lamb) and of course we love turkey.

During the holidays, including Easter, we would always have lamb and either a large restaurant sized roasting pan with stuffed chicken or turkey. The only exception was American Thanksgiving - it was strictly turkey - I suppose for traditions sake. On New Years, however, we could always enjoy homemade stuffed cabbage with the rest of the goodies.
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