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18 Dec 2017
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Dish Sopresatta Pizza Pie:

NOTE: This pizza is similar to a deep dish pizza, but instead of using a bread pan, a baking dish is used.



1) Sopresatta - 1/8 cup
2) Garlic cloves - 8
3) Pearl onions, baby - 6
4) Mushrooms, crimini brown - 6
5) Olives, kalamata, medium, pitted - 10
6) Pepper, Anaheim - 1
7) Pepper, Serrano, green (US) - 1
8) Tomato, sun dried - 1/8 cup
9) Tomato - 1
10) Tomato paste - 1 4 Oz. can.
11) Oregano - 2 tspns.
12) Basil - 1 tspn.
13) Olive oil - 1/8 cup
14) Cheese, mozzarella, shredded - as required
15) Bread Flour - 2 cups
16) Active dry yeast - 1 packet
17) Sugar - 1 tbspn.
18) Olive oil - as required
19) Water - 1/2 cup

NOTE: There will be leftover sauce to make a 2nd pizza. Dough will only make one. A second batch of dough will have to be made for the second pizza. Refrigerate the leftover sauce.


NOTE: Use a microwaveable/oven heat-able baking dish, 8 to 10" diameter and about 1" deep with raised rim.

1) Julienne cut the Anaheim peppers.
2) Dice the Serrano peppers.
3) Cut off the root and tips of the pearl onions and remove skins.
4) Fine dice the tomato.
5) Cube cut the sopressata.
6) Cook on medium heat, the tomato paste, tomato and olive oil.
7) Simmer until the tomato softens and merges with the paste.
8) Add garlic, pearl onions, mushrooms, olives and peppers.
9) Simmer until all ingredients soften.

NOTE: The garlic cloves will take the longest to soften. Simmer at medium heat while stirring often, for about 20 to 25 minutes.

10) Add sopressata, sun dried tomato and spices.
11) Heat an additional 5 to 10 minutes.
12) Set the sauce aside.
13) In a bowl, mix 1/8 cup flour, sugar, yeast and warm (85F) water.
14) Stir ingredients well.
15) Let sit till yeast begins to foam up.
16) Mix in the remaining flour, 1 tspn oil and knead the dough well.

NOTE: The dough should form soft and pliable.

17) Form a dough ball and oil its outer sides.
18) Allow the dough to rise.
19) Oil the baking dish.
20) Punch down the dough and roll it to fit the baking dish.
21) Press the dough into the baking dish.
22) Preheat the oven to 350F.
23) Pour in the pizza sauce.
24) Cover with shredded mozzarella.
25) Bake for 30 to 40 minutes.
26) Remove and serve.

NOTE: Use a fork or spoon to eat this pizza.
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So you are a DAV. Well I say THANK YOU. Even though I know many of these "wars" or whatever word they want are unust, you put you (_|_) on the line for your country. Our country.

I hope it is not that bad. My Father had a stroke, it was bad enough not to work but not that bad. He was numb in one arm and hand, this is not acceptable for his job as a job shop machinist. That is about when he started getting into cooking.

That does look like a good and different pizza, technicall not American traditional, but it looks good. The pepper I bet are good in it, and I see it is a bit different, looks like the cheese is not melted, is it not ? You set me to the dictionary (google) to find out what sopresatta is, and it looks like it would be good in there. They said it is dry, is it like prosciutto ? (and expensive ?)

So 8 cloves of garlic ? You da Man !

On the sauce I would recommend a canned sauce instead of paste. As long as it doesn't have sugar.

In my book, the old book though, there was more basil for pizza sauce, less oregano. But that is dated.

Of course I am not going to make that exact pizza, but one of these days I want to try some of the ideas.

And I bet just having it the way you make it is fine, but to each his own.
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