Do you enjoy cold meats?

16 Oct 2012
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I think one of the best bits about Christmas is the days afterwards, when you're eating the cold meats. I love cold beef, turkey, pork and gammon, served with home made coleslaw, beetroot, pickled onions and olives, as a nod to our Spanish surroundings. In fact, the only meat I can't eat cold is lamb - it's just too greasy.

What about you? Do you enjoy cold meats - at Christmas or any other time?
Best part of Xmas,we had rare sirloin of beef home cooked ham,turkey with the sausage meat,chicken cooked with olive butter and Serrano ham pickles salad etc

Problem was we had it for 5 days
Yes, ours lasted for 5 days after Christmas dinner as well. We haven't had cold meat since. You can have too much of a good thing, but because we had so much lean meat and pickles over the holiday, we didn't munch on chocolates and snacks, and of course the protein filled us up. The result was that we didn't gain any weight at all over Christmas - and now we've had a week or so without cold meats, we're ready to go again!
One of my favorite memories as a child was sneaking into the fridge in the middle of the night to snack on some of the left over turkey after our Thanksgiving meal. I would not dare to heat it up, for fear I would be discovered devouring the turkey in the middle of the night. Although it never crossed my mind that my mother obviously knew what was going since the turkey weighed a pound lighter in the morning than it did when she put it in the fridge the night before. To this day I still eat the left over turkey cold, right out of the fridge. Memories....
I like eating the cold turkey at Thanksgiving. I will make sandwiches or just eat it plain. I just love holiday turkey and I will eat it til it's gone.
Oh I love eating cold meats! I enjoy leftover turkey from Thanksgiving! I like to add a little mayo to cold turkey and put it on whole grain bread for a delicious sandwich! After Christmas, I love to make a sandwich from the leftover ham. I like to add a little spicy mustard and lettuce to my cold ham sandwich. My family loves leftovers, cold or warm! With the cold leftover chicken, I like to make homemade chicken salad. There are so many varities and ways you can use leftover cold meats!
I love using cold meats as a part of a sandwich! I do it especially around Christmas time but also quite frequently all year round.
Cold cuts are one of my biggest vices. I almost hate buying it at the grocery store, because I keep snacking on it all day long - and before you know it, it's gone. I won't even get a chance to make a proper sandwich with a pound of lunchmeat ham, because I keep grabbing a few slices and eating a little here and there.

I also love to put it in omelettes, especially when I am in a hurry. One of my favorites is with fresh spinach, some cold cut ham, and swiss cheese. I throw a lid over the pan to help set the eggs, as well as wilt the spinach, warm the ham and melt the cheese. Much faster than cooking some meat separately then adding it to the omelette.
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