Do you get your five a day, every day?

16 Oct 2012
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We're told we should eat five portions of fruit and vegetables every day, but do you always manage to do that? We have a glass of fruit juice to start the day, and I always serve at least three large helpings of vegetables with our evening meal, then there's my legendary home made vegetable soup, which we have a couple of times a week.

We tend to have a banana as a snack, and fruit to finish off our evening meal, so I'm happy that we get our five a day. Do you?
No, not usually. I do usually have three sorts of veg in my evening meal pasta sauce, but not a 'whole portion' of each. I don't like fruit enough to buy it myself, so I don't eat it during the week, and fruit juice is something I sometimes buy, but not regularly.

I do get plenty of fruit and veg when I'm over at Night Train's house at weekends, as his folks serve fruit for dessert.

However, I'm rarely ill, no more than colds, and my job is fairly physical, so I seem to be doing ok.
Does anyone else remember being told as a child not to eat too much fruit because it would make you go to the toilet too much??

In a typical day I'll only eat two or three of my 5aday. The children eat at least three, usually four but not always five and probably never eight.
A portion how much exactly ?

I don't count them. I will eat more than 5 different kinds of fruit or veg most days but maybe not a ''portion''.

A handful of raisins and currants at breakfast (do nuts count ?) Maybe a vegetable soup at lunch which will be home made and have all sorts in so maybe more than one portion. Some veg with the evening meal, could be peas or carrots, broad beans or some such. If it's a stir fry maybe peppers , courgettes, tomatoes, snap peas, onions or whatever and say different fruits for dessert. What about mushrooms ? Or spuds?

Quite a lot of different stuff but if a portion is say 100g then I doubt it.

Some days maybe just a couple, hard to say.

Oh and there is always the contribution from grapes !!
The measure I heard is that a portion is about the size of your fist. But I think that's for fresh fruit and veg, not dried stuff like raisins, because they are more concentrated.
I definitely get at least five servings a day. However, I primarily eat a vegan diet so the majority of the nutrients in my diet come from fruits and vegetables. I have green smoothies for breakfast a lot which contain several servings at the same time even. It is amazing to see how much you can actually eat when most of your diet comes from low calorie and nutritionally dense foods like vegetables. For example, I eat a couple of servings of greens (spinach, kale, dandelion, etc) on a daily basis.
I was actually eating five a day meals for a month. All the meals consisted of fruits and vegetables but the problem is that after this had happened, I became very ill. What I did not realize is that my body adjusted to these types of meals. I decided one night it would be okay to eat cheese cake. After eating one piece of cheese cake, my stomach starting hurting to the point I thought I had to go to the hospital. Before my healthy diet eating, I was able to eat anything I wanted.
I get at least five a day when it comes to vegetables but not the fruit. I tend to eat more veggies than fruit because I like them more. I have been trying to do better but it's hard because I like to eat more vegetables than fruit. I also only eat certain kinds of fruits as well. I guess you could call me a veggie head.:D
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