Does anyone make their own Sekanice for Easter?


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9 Apr 2018
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Cleveland, Ohio
This is kind of a meatloaf made with Veal, Pork, Bread cubes, and Eggs. It is NOT called Easter Meatloaf. I have seen Easter Meatloaf recipes made with Fried Ground Beef, Onions, and green peppers. NO!

Me and Hubby made this once about 10 years ago. We ended up with 3 huge pans. And it was great. Since then, we have been buying it at our local Butchers. This year it was terrible, and at $8 a pound, a waste. So we are hoping to try to make this again for next Easter.

We have searched recipes on-line, and most are a joke. If you actually look at them, you wonder how they got from Part "B" to Part "D". What happened to "C"? Some don't even tell you the meat has to be simmered and ground. They just assume you know that.

But anyway....Can anyone share a detailed recipe with me? Tell me why you use chives instead of onions?
Do you grind or shred the meat? What kind of bread...(White, Wheat, Rye, Sourdough)? Do you use yeast?
Anything out of the ordinary you add to yours?

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19 Apr 2015
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I've never heard of Sekanice so I'm on a learning curve. I can't help with your questions but I'd like to know more.
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