Favorite salads!

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I need a new type of salad to make, I've done Greek and Caesar, what are some other types of awesome salads?
I need a new type of salad to make, I've done Greek and Caesar, what are some other types of awesome salads?
Most of my salads are pretty uninspired, just lettuce and whatever I have in the fridge. That’s because salad, for me, is all about the dressing.

I used to have a celery-and-date salad that I liked a lot, but I lost the recipe and I don’t remember the dressing.

I also like beans on a salad…garbanzo, kidney, pinto, black, butter, lima, it doesn’t matter. Another one like that I enjoy is garbanzo beans and cherry tomatoes.

One thing I don’t like are those mixed baby greens salad mixes. I like crunchy mature lettuces, like romaine and iceberg.

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I need a new type of salad to make, I've done Greek and Caesar, what are some other types of awesome salads?

Char some romaine lettuce on your grill, and use that as a salad base, with dressing, bacon bits and some crumbly cheese.

Chef salad, with HB egg, diced ham and chicken/turkey, your favorite cheese, some cherry tomatoes, croutons and your favorite dressing.

Spinach salad.

My ex-wife LOVED this salad from Houston's Restaurant. Houston’s Salad with Honey Mustard and Hot Bacon Dressing

I have to agree with her, it was a really good salad.

I need a new type of salad to make, I've done Greek and Caesar, what are some other types of awesome salads?

"Laarb" - Laarb (ลาบ) is a Thai salad, but it's not a vegetable salad, instead it's a meat salad.

Laarb Moo (pork)

Served 2 s.jpg

Laarb gai (chicken)

Plated s.jpg

It can also be made with duck (laarb pet), beef (laarb neua) or fish (laarb plaa). In fact, anything.
Recipe - Rusty Pelican salad

Recipe - Grilled chicken and berry salad

And I'll second the Cobb and nicoise salads.

I make a wilted spinach salad with a warm bacon grease based dressing, HB eggs, sauteed thinly sliced red onions and mushrooms plus some kind of blue cheese, usually gorgonzola. I use the Pioneer Woman's recipe.

Taco salad. I actually had that for lunch yesterday when we went out. The "dressing" was mashed avocado, chipotle mayo, and sour cream, served separately, but then mixed in with salad.

Sometimes we make just a simple arugula or arugula/spinach salad with very thinly sliced red onion and some shaved ParmR with a balsamic vinaigrette. I'm going to use that as a base and add mozzarella pearls, mushrooms, and maybe roasted red bell strips to use up the cheese and mushrooms already in the refrigerator as they were BOGO last week.
We serve carpaccio on a bed of arugula with shaved ParmR. It's actually not true carpaccio as I marinate the beef in lemon juice, a bit of worchestershire, S and P, chopped garlic and some EVOO. I love true carpaccio in small amounts, but the arugula cuts the fatty richness of the beef so you can make a meal salad out of it.
Cesar salad and Niçoise salad are regulars here, but since we eat loads of salad, there a loads of varieties too.
Baby spinach, pineapple and crispy bacon go well together. A few green leaves (lettuce, rocket, escarole, radicchio) with orange segments and toasted almonds, plus a citrusy dressing. Beetroot, goat cheese, lentils and balsamic dressing. Beetroot, potato, egg, mustard, mayo, a bit of red onion. Xmas Eve we had what we call "Diplomatic Salad", which is basically a mixed fruit salad with cream and mayo. There's an Indonesian "salad" called rudjak - I make it with pineapple, green mango, cucumber, tomato and a dressing of sesame oil, garlic, soy, hot sauce and fish sauce. Then there's the retro Caracas Salad: layers of cooked potato, carrot, beetroot, slices of red onion, egg, palm hearts, rounds of tomato and avocado, all cut into rounds and arranged tastefully on a plate!
I'm not a huge salad fan, I often feel I'm eating something I'm supposed to rather than want to but I do love a LOT of finely diced salad in wraps or as an accompaniment with other things and will eat tomatoes, cucumber and beetroot until it's coming out of my ears 😆

There are three exceptions I readily wolf down -

-Almost any Ceviche.

-Nigella's Chicken Liver Salad. Sorry that recipe has been removed and there's a notice on her website saying-
"Unfortunately this recipe is not currently online, you can find it in Nigella Express"
If you like chicken liver I'll dig out the recipe, it's ridiculously simple.

-And the other is this which I suppose isn't strictly salad but I increase the mango and cucumber elements, cool the noodles completely and double the dressing, adding some yuzu so they don't stick and retain a zingy fresh quality you want from a clean tasting salad.

I also switch the duck for thinly sliced hoisin pork fillet, sometimes teriyaki beef or Chinese chicken and change the presentation as well as switching the buckwheat soba noodles for brown rice noodles which somehow work better in this.

Sticky hoisin duck and soba noodles
I agree. Ceviche is divine, but I wouldn't classify it as a "salad" any more than I would a carpaccio.
We’ll have to disagree on that one then. Carpaccio can and often is served standing on it‘s own as a plate of raw meat.

Ceviche I have never been served, served myself or seen served as simply raw fish, it always has other ingredients mixed in, typically salad Ingredients.

Now it may well technically simply denatured fish but I’m not pedantic about it.

I can always change it to Ceviche Salad if you want what I mean clarified further?!
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