Favourite Christmas chocolate sweet?


4 Oct 2012
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4:23 AM
I know the ads are corny, I know they're quite expensive (when compared to a tin of Quality Street or Roses), and you don't get many for a fiver - but I love munching on Ferrero Rocher at Christmas; just something about the nut, chocolate, wafer mix - yum! :hungry:

My second favourite (although I like 'em all) is the purple Roses one ... so, what's yours?

Shaun :D
Anything soft centred, apart from coffee cream. My favourites are Roses and Quality Street strawberry and orange creams, and I have a confession to make. When I put the sweets out on the sideboard, I take out all the strawberry creams and hide them. I do leave a few orange creams in, though.

I like After Eights as well, but so does my husband, so it's a bit of a struggle to get any of those. One or two chocolates is enough for me, but once he starts, he can go through dozens - then he wonders why he feels sick! Can't stand Ferrero Rocher myself.
:( can't have chocolate if it has any indication of milk in it, so all the cheap stuff and much of the really good stuff is out of the question. My mother did buy me a box of dairy free chocolates for my birthday (over Christmas) so I eat 1 every couple of days or so, but it is not a box you can or should sit and eat in a sitting. A single box of 9 chocolates costs £6.99 from Waitrose and my mum bought me the Artist's Collection box, I don't know how many are in it yet, but it costs £24 for a box...
I don't like Ferrero Rocher at all - hazelnuts ugh!

I'll happily eat the caramel cups/barrels from Quality Street/Roses, but they long ago stopped my favourite coffee creams.

NT bought me two boxes of After Eights - one to offer round, and one just entirely for me on my own!!
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