Flapjack recipes?


4 Oct 2012
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2:28 AM
I luuuuuurve flapjack but I've never attempted to make it.

Do you have a killer flapjack recipe you would like to share - just in case I get the urge to give it a go one of these days? :woot:
At home (I'm at NT's just now), I have a recipe for....

Cheesy Flapjack.

Yeah. That's right. Cheesy. Think about it. Weird, huh?

But it works.

(BTW, at work, due to a slip of the tongue once, we call it Jackflap. Sounds very rude!)
Cheesy flapjack - seriously? I've got to try that - that just cannot work, surely!!!?? :scratchhead:
Ok, here's the recipe:

6oz oats
7-8oz grated carrot
7-8oz grated cheese (just cheddar is fine)
2 beaten eggs
salt, pepper, good pinch of dried rosemary, or mixed herbs.

Mix all this lot together, and press into a baking tray. Put some little dobs of butter on the top, and bake for 25 mins at about 180 degrees C.

I find the reaction of people tends to be

Arch, that sounds lovely. I love flapjacks as well - it's one of the few sweet things I eat, but I think I'll have to give those a go. Shaun's quiet - he's probably in the kitchen making flapjacks. He'll be passing them around later, hopefully. :roflmao:
I've only ever made them basic, but I guess one could get creative with a little chilli or something for a bit of a kick. Or experiment with different cheese/herb combos.
Thanks Sue - that's certainly different.

And Sandra, I'm not quite in the kitchen yet - but I might set Little Ms. Admin the challenge of making some of Sue's flapjack - she loves messing in the kitchen (or rather making a right royal mess in the kitchen!!) :p:
Looking at the recipe, you could halve the amounts for a smaller batch. Just in case you don't like it!
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