Flavoured vodkas - what's your take?

16 Oct 2012
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12:52 AM
According to this article, flavoured vodkas are big in Britain at the moment. It accounts for 20% of sales in the UK, and some of the flavourings are high quality, organic products that wouldn't disgrace a farmer's market.

Call me old fashioned, but I like my vodka flavoured - or rather diluted - with tonic, lemonade or fresh orange juice. I don't fancy rhubarb or rose petal vodka at all. What do you think?
The in vogue vodka is black cow milk vodka,we did a bottle with friends over Xmas ,made in Dorset made famous by hwf on a Xmas show,was smooth served iced,still distilled traditionally using dairy by products,gets a thumbs up
Zubrowka from Poland flavoured with byson grass, delicious out of the freezer or with cloudy apple juice.
I love the citrus vodka. I like to mix it with pineapple, orange, banana juice. It tastes a lot better mixed in if it has a citrus flavor. I also really like whipped cream flavored vodka mixed with raspberry crystal light. It is very, very yummy. I have tried many other flavored vodkas and also have enjoyed them.
I quite like flavoured vodka and have made my own in the past. One year, I grew far too many chillies so made a chilli vodka which was pretty explosive. I've also made Skittles-flavoured vodka. You take a pack of Skittles and separate the colours. Then, you need to decant some vodka into bottles, one for each flavour you want. Put the Skittles in the bottle, pour the vodka over them and leave for a wek, shaking daily. As the Skittles dissolve in the alcohol, you end up with a fun flavoured vodka.
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