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  1. Cherry Kirschenbaum

    Cherry Kirschenbaum Guest

    My partner and I went to a coffee festival some time ago and the big surprise at it was this beautiful, natural tea. It's a little ball that you drop at the bottom of the glass and, when you pour hot water over it, it blooms like a flower. It tastes refreshing (there's a few different flavours) and you can make up to 2l from one sachet. Have you ever tried it?

    image1 (6).jpeg
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  2. morning glory

    morning glory Obsessive cook Staff Member

    Aren't they just so lovely! Checked out the website...

    Flora tea seems to be experiencing a high volume of enquires on their website since they were featured in Business Insider (I quote from their website) so there may be delays in orders. These teas are quite pricey but obviously beautiful.

    Meanwhile, here is a similar thing:

    These are £4.29 & free delivery for 10 in the UK. That is still a rather expensive teabag (tea ball) but apparently you can use each tea ball several times.
  3. buckytom

    buckytom Über Member

    I was given a set of those. It comes with a special clear glass teapot so you can watch it " bloom", and several kinds of tea pods.
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  4. Cherry Kirschenbaum

    Cherry Kirschenbaum Guest

    Yes, I agree it's a quite expensive cup of tea and actually I definitely paid more than £4.29 for mine... Makes for a great present though (and you know, I had to try it for myself first to make sure it's nice :wink:).
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