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11 Oct 2012
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just curious what others like to eat or drink when they have cold... given that I currently have a bad head cold, which is making my asthma much worse than normal... I can't have any of the cold remedies at all, due to my asthma so usually have to let it run its course...

I don't normally drink, but when I'm ill a hot toddy (lemon, honey, hot water and a very generous dash of whisky) is very welcome in the evening.
Mostly though it's chocolate. :happy:

regretfully chocolate is off the menu permately, can't manage it when my asthma is good, so not a hope ill.

currently seem to be craving protein - vegan sausages and eggs for lunch... feel like the same again for evening meal, but don't have any more sausages :(
I eat what ever I fancy, just making sure the calories keep going in when I have a cold is all I'm bothered about.

This. I reckon, follow your body. Eat the stuff you like best. It's comfort as much as nutrition. For me, it's bucketfuls of spaghetti bol.

BTW, when I had a bad throat recently, we hit upon a nice hot drink. Earl Grey tea, black, with a spoonful of honey, and a few slices of fresh root ginger chucked in. I found it soothed the throat nicely, and stayed drinkable even when cold, whereas normally I find cold black tea too bitter - the honey helps I guess.
I was hoping someone else would have some strange craving like me.
Guess I'm the odd one here. my strange craving, something I never normally touch even cold, is
wait for it...

Hot ribena! yep you got it.

I crave it when I have a cold. the rest of the time I don't touch the stuff, way too sweet, but when I'm ill its Ribena made with hot water (and only hot water). Nothing else comes close. I don't think it is a sweetness thing because there are plenty of other sweet drinks that are just as sweet and I can't stand them ill or otherwise, but when I have a bad cold, it is hot ribena. Just made another glass of it. (I also really go off coffee now matter how sweet & black it is).
I like loads of home made vegetable soup. Although I always feel hungry when I have a cold, soup is the only thing I enjoy. I have a cold now - right on top of a chest infection - and all I want is soup. I tried a sandwich yesterday, and it tasted of nothing, but I could pick out the soup flavours with no trouble. And I make honey, lemon and hot water to soothe my throat. I put a measure of whisky in the last one at night to help me sleep - but definitely not Jura, whatever its age. That's sacrilege!:eek:
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