Food preparation jobs you hate

16 Oct 2012
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1:42 PM
As I mentioned in another post, we bought some fresh mackerel from some kids who'd been fishing today. Tony had to do the gutting and cleaning though - it's the one food preparation job I just can't be doing with. I'll cook the fish - as long as it doesn't really look like fish any more.

It's surprising, really, because my parents had a fish and chip shop - or maybe that explains it. Is there a particular food prep job that you hate doing?
I don't cook this dish to often, but since I like Mexican cuisine, sometimes I want to surprise my friends cooking "chile relleno" which involves getting a variety of chili peppers called "poblanos" that need to get peeled.

The process involves putting them directly onto the stove to get their rind cracking, but then after it's necessary cover them with a towel and put them into a plastic bag to get them producing vapor, necessary to remove the peel, but this is not as easy as could sound.

The softened rind is hard to remove, and still is necessary open each chili pepper to remove their seeds. If the chili that you bought is of a hot variety, you may start feeling how your hands feel like burning, and while some chefs recommend wearing gloves for this process, all of us know that doing something while wearing gloves is rather hard.
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