Got new Commercial Stand mixer Today!

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    Brighton, MA.
    KWS MB 5 Commercial Stand Mixer.jpg Heavy work tools!.jpg Just got a new KWS 5-qt commercial stand mixer today. The smallest Hobart (N-50) is way too expensive, & so is the Globe SP 5!!

    I still have the Cuisinart precision Master. And still use it!

    This is the heaviest & most powerful one that I've ever bought!! it weighs close to 50lbs! Loaded with many features. only problem is its massive weight. Finding convenient a spot for it is kind of tough. It can only be put on the kitchen table when in use.

    The mixing paddle, dough hook & whip look incredibly HUGE!!! Yet the stainless steel bowl is only 5 qts. You must have pretty strong table or bench to support its massive weight!!
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