Guide to potato varieties

16 Oct 2012
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10:49 AM
If you've ever wondered why your chips were soggy, or your roasties were so tough the knife bounced off them, maybe you've been using the wrong potato for the job. Some potatoes are good all-rounders, but others are one trick ponies - two tricks if you're lucky - so you need to be brand aware when it comes to spuds.

This great guide from 4Food should help you to serve up perfect potatoes every time. Anything to add to this, anyone?
i use maris piper as a good all rounder,chips well if you steam first,mash is good if you sieve it roasts well,its good for dauphinoise as it releases it starch slowly but i don't use it for larger oven braised potato dishes such as fondants but is ok for boulengere
I love most of the heritage varieties. They are so much more tasty that the 'standard' off the shelf varieties from supermarkets.
I think it was Black Shetland that came out as one of our all time favourites. When we had a garden, we used to grow potatoes in bulk. 50-60lb would see up through 6-8 months of the year with all of them being heritage varieties.

We would use this page from Thompson & Morgan as to what potato is best for what... I think there are +110 variteies listed on this site. - scroll down the page.... this is an example of what they have.

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