Hands off!

16 Oct 2012
Local time
3:13 PM
Last weekend, we stayed with some friends in Cornwall. She's a chef for a local bar/restaurant owner who's also a great friend of ours. On Saturday evening, she'd cooked the beef ready for Sunday lunch, and when she'd finished the food prep and came out to join us for a drink, she was smiling to herself.

I asked her what was so funny, and she told us that the previous weekend, she'd come in on Sunday morning, only to find that the owner had been sampling the beef. She told us it wouldn't happen this week, though. We asked why, and she said 'Wait and see!'

Five minutes later, the owner went into the kitchen. We all sidled up to the door, and heard the rustle as he lifted the foil from the cooling beef. Then we heard a shout and a laugh, and he came out of the kitchen, waving a white teatowel on which 'HANDS OFF!' was written in black permanent marker. The crafty chef had double wrapped the meat, and the message was trapped between the two layers of foil. The whole pub was in uproar as the story did the rounds.

So, do you know a chef who has a novel way of dealing with 'pickers?'
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