Handy space saving hint for the Christmas pudding

16 Oct 2012
Local time
10:18 PM
I was complaining to my friend, who is a chef, about the lack of space in my kitchen, and wondering how I could cook and serve all the dinner items, plus the Christmas pudding. It just doesn't seem traditional to heat it in the microwave.

Anyway, she came up with a great idea. Half fill a slow cooker with boiling water, then place the pudding in, and leave for between 2 and 4 hours. The great thing is, if necessary, you can put it in another room if counter space is really short.

Any other ideas for saving space in the kitchen when cooking the Christmas dinner?
Cook the pudding in the Microwave!

Easy, and avoids the danger of boiling the thing dry. Unless you've made your own pudding in a metal mould and tied up in muslin, tradition is out of the window anyway... :wink:

I still have a pudding in the cupboard. Serves four, but there would be no one here to notice if it only served one...:whistling:
we still have a pre made one in the cupboard along with jar of mincemeat both in date .
I have one from a couple of years back. There were two, which I'd brought back from the UK and promptly forgotten about. We had one just before we left Spain at the end of April, and it was delicious. I don't think best before dates are particularly relevant to Christmas puddings.
We had a pud stored for a couple of years and sadly when it was opened it was all, dried out and dusty. :sick: The one stored with it was lovely though.:)
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