Recipe Hard Boiled Eggs


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1 Jul 2022
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Boiled Eggs are relished all over the world and they are quite simple to prepare. Eggs are most easily available and unalterable food. Anyone can prepare them whether they are at home outdoors with friends.


They are rich source of protein.

Ingredients (Serve-1 Pax)
2 eggs - medium size
Water - Enough to cover the eggs
Black Pepper - As per taste for sprinkling

Take 2 eggs from refrigerator.

Add them to a pan with water. Ensure eggs are submerged in water.

Bring it to boil . It normally takes 2 minutes to boil, in some case depending upon the size of eggs, pan and the altitude it might take longer.

Relax now and let the eggs be in hot water for 6 minutes.

Drain the hot water and place them under running water. Refill the pan with cold water or tap water to boost the cooling process , you can also add ice to the water. Let them be in water for 2 minutes.

Drain the water and watch out that eggs don't roll away while draining.

Now its time to peel off the skin. Tap the shell gently.

You will see small cracks start peeling them carefully making sure that egg skin doesn't come along.

Cut into half and sprinkle with black pepper.

They are ready to be served.
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