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An egg is the organic vessel containing the zygote in which an embryo develops until it can survive on its own, at which point the animal hatches. An egg results from fertilization of an egg cell. Most arthropods, vertebrates (excluding live-bearing mammals), and mollusks lay eggs, although some, such as scorpions, do not.
Reptile eggs, bird eggs, and monotreme eggs are laid out of water and are surrounded by a protective shell, either flexible or inflexible. Eggs laid on land or in nests are usually kept within a warm and favorable temperature range while the embryo grows. When the embryo is adequately developed it hatches, i.e., breaks out of the egg's shell. Some embryos have a temporary egg tooth they use to crack, pip, or break the eggshell or covering.
The largest recorded egg is from a whale shark and was 30 cm × 14 cm × 9 cm (11.8 in × 5.5 in × 3.5 in) in size. Whale shark eggs typically hatch within the mother. At 1.5 kg (3.3 lb) and up to 17.8 cm × 14 cm (7.0 in × 5.5 in), the ostrich egg is the largest egg of any living bird, though the extinct elephant bird and some non-avian dinosaurs laid larger eggs. The bee hummingbird produces the smallest known bird egg, which weighs half of a gram (around 0.02 oz). Some eggs laid by reptiles and most fish, amphibians, insects, and other invertebrates can be even smaller.
Reproductive structures similar to the egg in other kingdoms are termed "spores," or in spermatophytes "seeds," or in gametophytes "egg cells".

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  1. Morning Glory

    Recipe Egg schnitzel with avgolemono sauce and capers

    I love the contrast between the crunchy golden breadcrumbs, soft egg and the tangy sauce laced with capers. Make no mistake, this simple dish can be a bit tricky to prepare. You need to use really fresh eggs so that they poach into satisfying plump shapes. You need to be ultra gentle when...
  2. TastyReuben

    Recipe Ham & Potato Chip/Crisp Tortilla

    Ham & Potato Chip/Crisp Tortilla INGREDIENTS 1 dozen large eggs One 5-ounce bag jalapeño potato chips, lightly crushed 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil One 1/2-pound ham steak, cut into 1/2-inch dice 3 large scallions, sliced DIRECTIONS Preheat the broiler and position a rack 8 inches from...
  3. B

    Do you have an egg shortage in your area?

    we have eggs, but there are not lots of them. one store yesterday didnt have any. perfect storm of events have crushed the egg industry. how are your egg supplies.?
  4. Yorky

    Recipe Virginia Ham Egg Cups

    Virginia Ham Egg Cups Ingredients Vegetable oil 2 slices Virginia ham 2 heaped teaspoons crumbly cheese 2 duck eggs Dark soy sauce Salt and black pepper Method In two recesses of a muffin tin form a cup with the sliced ham. Crumble the cheese into the bottom of the cup. Cook in an...
  5. Morning Glory

    Recipe Guinness laced Marie Rose sauce

    The taste of Guinness in this sauce is subtle but intriguing; a dark savoury note in an otherwise creamy and slightly spicy old favourite. Its essential to make your own mayonnaise for this recipe. A shop bought mayonnaise will not be thick enough to hold the Guinness reduction. You can of...
  6. TastyReuben

    Recipe Savory Cheesy Bacon Oatmeal

    Savory Cheesy Bacon Oatmeal Makes 2 servings Ingredients 2 strips thick bacon (streaky), chopped 2 TB diced onion 1 cup rolled oats 2 cups water 2-3 oz cheddar cheese, grated 2 large eggs, cooked over easy Salt and pepper Fresh chives, garnish Directions Roughly chop bacon and add to a medium...
  7. Yorky

    Recipe Crispy Potato Bhaji

    Ingredients 1 Large potato 100 gms plain flour* ½ tsp Salt ½ tsp Cayenne pepper. ¼ tsp Turmeric Pinch bicarbonate of soda ½ tbsp Fresh coriander leaf, finely chopped 1 tsp Finely chopped red chillis ½ tsp Grated or pureed ginger 1 Soft boiled egg Vegetable oil for frying Method Scrub the...
  8. Morning Glory

    Electric egg boilers

    I really didn't think I'd ever buy such a gadget but The Late Night Gourmet mentioned how he loved his egg cooker, so I researched a bit. I hit on the WHAL which is a brand I trust. I have their spice grinder which is brilliant. The price was so low and the size of the machine was so compact (I...
  9. Yorky

    Recipe Pork and Chilli Egg Burgers

    Ingredients 400 g pork, roughly minced (ground) 2 eggs 2 onions, chopped 6 garlic cloves, minced 6 red chillis, chopped ½ tsp dried sage 4 tablespoons breadcrumbs salt and black pepper 6 burger buns ketchup (to taste) lettuce leaves 6 fried eggs Method Mix the pork, eggs, onion, garlic...
  10. Cold Somen Salad

    Cold Somen Salad

    https://www.cookingbites.com/threads/cold-somen-salad.24901/ This is a very popular dish in Hawaii.
  11. kaneohegirlinaz

    Recipe Cold Somen Salad

    This dish is quite popular in Hawaii. It's a riff on a Japanese Noodle dish. Cold Somen Salad Makes 2 large servings Salad Ingredients: 4 oz. Somen Noodles 1 C. Lettuce, shredded ½ C. each, Carrots, Char Siu or Chinese BBQ Pork, Kamaboko or Steamed Fish Cake, julienne 1 C. Hot House...
  12. A

    When to discard an egg

    I put some eggs into a pan then added boiling water from a kettle and switched on the gas. One of the eggs cracked almost straight away and I could see some of the white of the egg. Was it necessary to discard the egg? If not, how would I know if an egg should be discarded?
  13. B

    Not your normal garden variety egg - the Chinese Century egg.

    Almost frightening as far as food is concerned. But I have always been an adventurous eater. I do most of my cooking, so the wife and I have to consider ingredients that are off the beaten path. Yesterday I lost a tooth filling while flossing (the irony is not lost on me). So I am eating...
  14. Morning Glory

    Recipe Crispy fried egg with whipped garlic yoghurt

    This is inspired by a Turkish dish called cilbir. Most recipes for this dish use poached eggs but I noticed in a recipe book I have, that the Turkish author described this dish as using fried eggs. Here, I’ve used crispy fried eggs because I think their texture contrasts well with the smooth...
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