Have you ever cooked with a tagine?

16 Oct 2012
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1:28 PM
A tagine is the name for a spiced North African stew, and also the dish it's cooked and served in. It has a conical lid, which retains moisture, helps to infuse the spices through the food and also tenderises the meat.

I've followed tagine recipes cooked in a glazed terracotta casserole, and I've been very pleased with the results. I just wondered if the food is even better when cooked in a traditional tagine. They can be expensive, but I'd invest in one if I thought it was worth it.

Have you used a tagine? Is there a significant difference in the taste and texture of the finished food, or should I just carry on as I am?
I've cooked lots of tagines, but never in a tagine. iyswim

I use the big cast iron le creuset thingumy (£2, car boot. Bargain :smug: )

Seems to work.

Still looking out to by a proper tagine though, but I've yet to see a big enough size at a reasonable price. (ie, cheap)
I found a decent 4 person one at Heals for £14 - was terracotta earthenware.

The steam does make the meat nice and tender - I've not cooked tagines in the cast iron post to compare.
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