Have you ever met a celebrity chef?

16 Oct 2012
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The title says it all, but what I really want to know is what did you talk about, and how did you find them as people rather than television personalities?

In my days as a Catering Supervisor at Plymouth Airport, I regularly served up breakfast for Keith Floyd. He said my bacon sandwiches were the best he'd ever had, which was quite a compliment coming from him. He'd have one whatever time he flew out, and he'd always have a coffee and brandy with it - even at 6.00am! Because we were an airport, we could serve alcohol outside normal licencing hours.

When he split with Wife Number 3, it was plastered all over the tabloids, so when I saw him coming in, I moved them off the stand. He usually bought the Sun, and he asked if it was late in, so I said no, but he was the main headline, and I didn't think he'd like to be confronted with it. He thanked me for my consideration, but bought one anyway. He was a really nice man, even if he wasn't a very good husband, and I was sad when I heard he'd died.

I also met Rick Stein several times when we lived near Padstow. He was very helpful when I was commissioned to write an article about collecting and cooking mussels, and even passed on some of his own recipes for me to feature.

So, have you met up with any celebrity chefs?
Met Keith floyd back in 86 he was staying at a hotel I was working at,he he'd his car broken into and wallet token all hell broke loose,I have met macro Pierre white ,Gordon Ramsey and their mentor Pierre koffman and numerous newbies from the great British menu !james Martin also he is always hanging out in the Winchester area in big cars
Gordon Ramsey, who was staying at a relatives house. He walked into the kitchen in the morning.

Another relative is a chef, one(now gone) had his own bakery, and the relative is well known for her cakes. Three cooks, one kitchen!
No not yet. I can see me hanging out at the Royal Palace or Windsor Castle in the kitchen joking around helping cook food for the guests with Jamie Oliver and a few other popular "somebody" types from Europe who are skilled at food and health.
No, but then again I steer away from crowded events like The South Beach Wine and Food Festival. Actually, I avoid South Beach any way, too many people, including some very strange ones.
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