Healthier Mexican food

16 Oct 2012
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9:57 PM
This blog post tells you how to make Mexican cuisine healthier by cutting down on fats and other unhealthy ingredients, and using different techniques.

I like the one about slow cooking fatty meat cuts, then letting them cool to skim the fat off before proceeding. Do you have any tips to add to this list?
As a kid I recall my mum doing just that. Not having a lot of money she would be forced into buying the cheap mince and she would boil it in a pan, let it cool as you say, and get rid of all the fat.
I read somewhere that in the days of big country houses with servants and big kitchens, bacon joints were very much fattier than they are now. A leg would be boiled and some carved off and the joint would be dipped back into the pan to gather a new coating of fat on the outside. This would be hung up and when 'the master' wanted some more cold cuts, after slicing the joint would be dipped again into boiling water to allow a fresh coating of fat to gather.
Stopped it drying out I suppose.

How did they survive ?
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