Healthy fried chicken

16 Oct 2012
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4:18 AM
I love southern fried chicken, and we usually take the easy way out and buy a bag of Iceland stuff. However, I've just found this recipe, so I may try this next time. Do you make your own fried chicken?

Wow never tried smoked paprika on my chicken before. I will have to try that out.
I always take off the skin of chicken when I am cooking and same with my fried chicken for health purposes considering it is taste good when you eat fried chicken with crispy skin. But when my father got sick we are now careful with all the foods we are eating because we know how hard and painful when you are sick and your health depends on the food you are eating.
Hello Sandra,

I do try out different things, so thank for sharing this recipe. The picture comes close to KFC chicken wings.. :)
Fried chicken to me is one of those "not worth the work" foods. There is such a mess and so much clean up. And, I happen to LOVE grocery store deli fried chicken, which goes on sale once a week for like $6 for an 8-piece.

I know. Not something a true "foodie" would ever admit to, but I'm not partial to a home cooked recipe in this case.
I really like fried chicken, but I am not sure if you can make it a healthy meal. No matter what ingredients you use, it will still be high on fats and carbs. I would try to eat just a few times a year.
My grandmother used to make her fried chicken in much the same way. She used crumbled Ritz Crackers instead of bread crumbs. I would get so excited about visiting her when I was a kid because she always made us her famous fried chicken. She lived in a different part of the country so we didn't get to see her very often.
I fry chicken with the traditional flour, egg, seasoning mix. Usually, the seasoning of my choice is garlic salt. Then, I fry my chicken in a shallow pan with a lid for 30 minutes, turning half way through his time period. The final result are spicy pieces of bird.


How my chicken usually looks.
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