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11 Oct 2012
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I know Denmark quite well and do miss the Danish rye breads. I've done quite a bit off cycle touring in Denmark over the years including both our first tour and on our attempt at cycling around the world (we headed off to Nordkapp first). We love the place, but have headed off south for the time being instead... a long way south. Work brought us to Australia (in the same way it almost took us to Stavangar many years ago).

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24 Nov 2019
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Hi SatNav

Yes, a major difference here is the bread and how its eaten. The rye, AKA Rugbrød is placed on the plate and sometimes - especially on special occasions has an ornament of toppings where great detail of how this is presented goes into the preparation. The bread with the toppings is called smørrebrød which literally translated means buttered bread and these typically are lunch food. Sadly, once upon a time most towns had places selling these but if you go to Copenhagen now its all bagels, sushi etc so a part of the history that is disappearing. Its also not to be confused with the Swedish Smorgasbord which translates to a table of differing offerings!

On eating smørrebrød, DO NOT use fingers, its eaten with a knife and fork! Also, on special occasions, especially Christmas its washed down with Aquavit - which is a dangerous drink that simply attacks the brain cells.... ;-) This 'Snaps' is best served ice cold and with smørrebrød med sild, or pickled herring which is much sweeter than rollmops (I think Ikea often sell a herring in their food shops)... absolutely yummy!
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