High Altitude Baking, I blew It.

Discussion in 'Baking, Bread Making and Cakes' started by Dive Bar Casanova, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. Dive Bar Casanova

    Dive Bar Casanova Regular Member

    Hollywood Ca
    Wife feeding Prarrie Dogs crackers:
    20525949-D87C-428B-AE0A-054712C8D118.jpeg 07280994-CA4B-42F9-9AC6-FF0304E9A1D4.jpeg My friends and I head to Marysvale Utah each summer to RV Camp and take our Off Highway vehicles on the most excellent trails.

    We take turns serving breakfast each morning.
    Huevos Rancheros one morning at the Anderson’s, bacon and eggs at the Luvanos the next and so on.

    At our camp I decided to do Belgian Waffles and mimosas on our morning.
    Made the batter fresh with yeast and a special local Nehi Red ground flour, genuine maple syrup, it was going to be special. Ya can’t tell me nuthin’.

    Well, campground was at 9000 ft and the batter didn’t react well to that. I served Hockey pucks.

    I had brought along a case of magnum bottles of COSTCO Champaign that was really cheap. Several gallons of orange juice too.

    The mimosas were a big hit in spite of the failed breakfast.
    So popular the girls in camp drank the entire case of Champagne.

    The next morning everyone combined money and sent me into town for more champaign. This is Utah, good luck finding any booze.

    Well, even the Walmart didn’t have booze so I headed back to camp and stopped off at a little country family gas (petrol) station.
    I walked into the cashiers office and it was a liquor store.

    In Utah, a family run business is just that, family run and the labor laws are written specifically around that. A 14 year old girl (read that 14) was manning the cash register and I asked her if I could buy a case of Champaign.

    She said “sure, but you have to come back at 10AM.”
    “For an adult to sell it to me?” I asked.
    “No, blue laws restrict sales to after 10 AM” she said.
    I came back later and she had the bottles all tightly wrapped and rung me up.
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  2. morning glory

    morning glory Obsessive cook Staff Member

    Great idea to serve Mimosas for breakfast! :okay:

    So what happens to batter at high altitudes?
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  3. Dive Bar Casanova

    Dive Bar Casanova Regular Member

    Hollywood Ca
    It doesn't rise well I'm told and it's a great excuse even if that's not accurate.
    I live at 354 ft above sea level and never had problems before. Didn't dawn on my pea sized brain.

    Rules for just 5000ft so at 9000 ft even more adjustment:
    Adjustment for 5000 feet:
    1. Reduce baking powder: for each teaspoon, decrease 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon.
    2. Reduce sugar: for each cup, decrease 0 to 2 tablespoons.
    3. Increase liquid: for each cup, add 2 to 4 tablespoons.
    4. Increase oven temperature by 25 degrees F.
  4. The Late Night Gourmet

    The Late Night Gourmet Über Member

    Detroit, USA
    Last season on Top Chef, I recall some very talented chefs having trouble when they were trying to bake in Colorado, so don't feel bad: you're in very good company!
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  5. Karen W

    Karen W Senior Member

    I have never baked waffles. I use a waffle maker. Could be the recipe, cooking time, or non-stick spray. Went to a timeshare in Big Bear, a ski-snowing local. Anything I baked, needed adjustment. Plus, I felt light-headed & loopy all the while. Takes some practice, I guess.
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  6. Dive Bar Casanova

    Dive Bar Casanova Regular Member

    Hollywood Ca
    It was a Belgian waffle maker. I use the word bake loosely, should say make but the batter has to rise like in baking.
    Light, yet thick and fluffy with sugar crystals mixed in at near Sea Level. Building blocks if one doesn't get it right.
  7. Dive Bar Casanova

    Dive Bar Casanova Regular Member

    Hollywood Ca

    This waffle we bought at a waffle shop located at 10.500 ft.
    I went back to ask the cook about making them at that altitude.
    He was busy. He had just told some cowboys he hated Americans and they were about to straighten his tie.
    We wrapped the waffle back up in the foil and headed out to keep our holiday drama free.
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  8. Karen W

    Karen W Senior Member

    Got it. Disappointing when it does not turn out as anticipated. Google King Arthur flour high altitude baking. There's a list of severàl adjustments there. Hopefully they will be helpful
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  9. Dive Bar Casanova

    Dive Bar Casanova Regular Member

    Hollywood Ca
    Wife and I headed across the US and stayed at a hotel in Washington DC that offers more than just a free continental breakfast. Seems the norm now for most motel/small hotel chains.

    They all have the do-it-yourself, flip style waffle makers. The attendant keeps fresh batter coming out and hot tables stocked with sausage, eggs, potatoes and rubber bacon.

    The waffles are always the best bet.
    I left an online review claiming they must have shipped the eggs in from China and the wife made me delete it.
    “We judge everything by its merits” I was reminded.
  10. Dive Bar Casanova

    Dive Bar Casanova Regular Member

    Hollywood Ca
    Thank you.
    My mom always insisted on King Arthur flour.
    She made a shortbread that was off the charts amazing.
    Mom also used the shortbread recipe for pie crusts.
    King David apples with brown sugar and butter
    (Caramel) filling.
    My sister try’s to duplicate moms shortbread but something is missing. We don’t tell sis that though.

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