How do you cook rice?


11 Oct 2012
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When I lived at home, we used Madhur Jaffreys' method - rice into twice the volume of boiling water, lid on, heat turned down low, 10 minutes. Ends up with all water absorbed, and rice just cooked right.

Since I moved away, I just bring a load of water to the boil, bung rice in, rolling boil for 10 mins, done. Seems to come out right everytime.

My Mum's taken to cooking hers in the microwave, which she seems to think is convenient, but which seems to me to involve a lot of faff and stopping it and stirring and stuff. (she has a bit of a blind spot, I think, about things being easier in the microwave on account of them not sticking. I just use non-stick pans, which she has too, but... :wacky:)

Anyway, what's your rice method?
We've got a rice steamer.

Rinse rice, put in steamer with twice the volume of cold water, flick switch, wait 'til the switch goes 'clunk'. Rice is cooked. Great for larger quantities.

It's then kept warm until you want it, though if you leave it too long it does have a tendency to slightly over cook the bit right at the bottom.

If I'm doing rice just for me though, I chuck it in a pan with a 1 knuckle depth of water above it, bring it to the boil, put a lid on and turn it off. By the time I've cooked whatever I'm having with it, it's done. (I think this could be a Ken Hom method. Possibly)

Edit: Ha! Snap. (must type quicker)
Bung it in a pan of boiling water and ... DON'T stir it ... just let it boil for 10 mins. and serve. :thumbsup:

I always used to stir it and it came out well gloopy ... :yuck:
Good answers all round, but you are all wrong......:wink:

One part rice to 1.5 part cold water . As the water JUST starts to boil, turn the heat down to bare minimum for 15 minutes. Stir about 3 minutes before ready but ONLY with a fork to keep it nice n fluffy.
Just pour it out of the glass with the measure on it (yeh I know, but the bag is 10kg), into a good volume of cold water - add 1/2tsp tumeric, couple of slices of fresh ginger, couple of peeled garlic cloves, bring to the boil and about 10 mins later (assuming it is white basmati rice here) it is ready to be drained.

If it is my favourite rice, then we are talking +40 mins boiling or wild rice... count in the hours category.

but no-one defined the rice and they are all different...:rolleyes:
Use a deep microwave bowl (mine is 2.75 litres)
2 cups of white rice plus 4 cups of boiling water from the kettle.
Stir to loosen grains.
Microwave on high for 17 minutes without a lid
Put the lid on when finished.
Serve after it has stood for 2 or 3 minutes.
Microwave rice? Wow cannot imagine that!

I'm the two parts water method or a rice cooker. Judge the water by eye rather than measurement

However, it depends what dish is being cooked, Paella, Risotto's and Jollofs are obviously different.
I always use Thai Fragrant Rice. Bung in boiling water for 11 minutes (don't even wash it). Tip into a strainer and pour over a kettle of water to rinse then leave in the strainer for a couple of minutes for the steam to subside. Spot on every time.
Jasmine rice, water, butter, salt. Bring to boil. Cover. Put in 400 degree F oven for exactly 18 min. Fluff. Done.
Tried and tested, works for me every time,
One measure of well washed rice, one and 1/4 measure water, bring to the boil, lid on, LOWEST heat possible, don't lift the lid, for 11 minutes. Then heat off for another 11 minutes, still with lid on. Then rice is done, perfect!

The important thing is to leave the lid on with no peeking from start of boiling to serving. Never sticks, always cooked.
one measure washed basmati rice, 2 cups cold water. bring to boil, stir, cover, simmer 10 mins or until water nearly absorbed, switch off leave another mins to steam - DON'T remove lid, then fluff with a fork.
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